Roundtable Analysis: The State of Arizona's Nonprofits

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaSeptember 25, 2017

Nonprofit organizations are finding the need to constantly adjust their priorities to balance an ever-evolving economic climate with the changing needs of those they serve.

The top priority for most nonprofits from years past – acquiring new donors and maintaining relationships with existing donors – has been surpassed by the need for nonprofits to engage the community, promote brand awareness and the conflicting pressures placed on nonprofit leaders’ time, according to the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

To talk about the issues and trends facing nonprofits today and the ways businesses can boost their bottom lines by improving their efforts to be socially responsible, Az Business Angles talked with with members of Az Business Angels' advisory board to talk about the trends and challenges facing nonprofits, the benefits of corporate giving and how Millennials are changing the existing business models for nonprofits.


The Az Business Angels advisory board members who offered their views are:

  • Deborah Bateman, vice chairman of the board of directors, National Bank of Arizona

  • Tyler Butler, founder and principal, 11Eleven Consulting

  • Derrick Hall, CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Kristen Merrifield, CEO, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

  • Nicole Stanton, managing partner, Quarles & Brady
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