How Nonprofits Can Increase Donations Through An Email Nurture Campaign

By Giving Hope ArizonaNovember 13, 2017

All nonprofits want to increase donations. Only a few nonprofits have discovered the power of creating an email nurture campaign to do it. Here’s how it works.

An email nurture campaign is an automated series of emails that are sent to a user based on an action that they have taken. For example:

  • A user signs up to get your monthly newsletter, likely because they are interested in what your nonprofit is about.
  • You capture that information (hopefully into a nice email automation system like MailChimp) and the following happens automatically.
  • Your nonprofit sends a personalized thank you email to the user.
  • Three days later your nonprofit sends an email to the user suggesting some ways they might get involved and mentioning donations as a possible avenue.
  • Seven days later your nonprofit sends an email to the user asking if they would consider a $15 per month donation to help support X cause.
  • If the user clicks on the donation link, you do nothing, and the user gets your regular newsletter from that point forward.
  • If the user did not click on the donation link in the email, you wait 30 days and send one more email asking for a donation.

All of this is completely automated and happens without you having to do anything at all. Consider if this played out 100 times. How many donations do you think you might get that you otherwise would not have?

If you are serious about starting an email nurture campaign for your nonprofit, you must consider how to capture, nurture, and convert.

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