City Anticipating Demand for More Bottled Water to Help Hydrate Those In Need

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaJune 27, 2018

The city of Phoenix “We’re Cool” Heat Relief Network needs immediate help to ensure the city's vulnerable population stays hydrated and safe during the summer and especially as the extreme heat returns. The city has already handed out nearly 200,000 bottles of water since the “We’re Cool” Heat Relief Network kicked off in May. The Phoenix area will be under an excessive heat warning the next two days. As highs reach above the 110 degree mark, the demand for water to help those in need also increases. “There is an urgent need for water to make sure anyone who walks into one of the city’s 44 hydration and cooling locations has enough water to stay hydrated as they rest and cool off,” said Phoenix Mayor Thelda Williams. Although each of the locations have water available for the next few days, after that, it's anticipated the city’s reserves will reach crucial lows. “It is through donations of funds and water we are able to supply city buildings with the free bottled water,” explains Briselda Rodriguez, coordinator of the water distribution for the “We’re Cool” Heat Relief Network. “Additionally, we help the non-profits and community groups in Phoenix that directly work with those in need.” Both monetary and bottled water donations are being sought to replenish the city’s reserves for the “We’re Cool” Heat Relief Network locations. To learn more about donating call 602-534-0543. To locate a “We’re Cool” Heat Relief Network hydration and cooling stations, visit MEDIA CONTACT Tamra Ingersoll, Public Information Officer c. 602-376-3981 e.

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